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Table of Contents


Project Planning, Data and Spreadsheet Software

1 Why Plan?

2 Example: Ministry of Agriculture’s Yoghurt Plant and Sales Project

3 Defining Project Metrics

3.1 Defining goals
3.2 Defining metrics
3.3 Setting up a spreadsheet
3.4 Computing Financial Metrics

4 Scenario Building

4.1 Manipulating an input factor: Data Tables
4.2 Manipulating multiple input factors: Scenario Manager
4.3 Linking input factors
4.4 Optimizing the outcome: Solver

5 Measuring Performance and Risk

5.1 Expected performance
5.2 Volatility and risk
5.3 Comparing projects

6 Incorporating Randomness via Simulation

6.1 Functions for generating random numbers
6.2 Regenerating random numbers and collecting them

7 Risk Reduction via Project Portfolios

7.1 Combining projects
7.2 Evaluating the performance of a portfolio
7.3 Portfolio risk
7.4 Comparing a portfolio with individual projects
7.5 Effect of weights on portfolio performance
7.6 When portfolios shine: Choosing the right projects


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